Apostille Services in Delhi

Get the best Apostille services in Delhi with EAS! Moving abroad can be tough, but getting your documents apostilled doesn’t have to be. We make the process easy, fast, and convenient. Our professional team at EAS handles everything for you, ensuring your birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other documents are valid worldwide. Whether it’s a degree certificate or PCC apostille, EAS stands out as the most trusted apostille agency in Delhi.

Apostille Services in Delhi

Apostille Process in Delhi

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Apostille process in Delhi has 4 stages of authentication.

  • Step 1: Verification By The Issuing Authority

    Original certificates or documents undergo validation by the issuing authority. For example, Delhi University verifies degree certificates initially.

  • Step 2: Notary Stamp (optional)

    While not necessary, certain documents may undergo verification by a Notary Public.

  • Step 3: SDM/ HRD Validation

    In the next step, documents are sent to the SDM of Delhi for official stamping. Commercial documents are directed to the Chambers of Commerce.

  • Step 4: MEA Authentication

    The final step involves the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) affixing an official Apostille stamp to your provided document!

Time Required for Apostille in Delhi

The time to apostille your documents in Delhi typically spans from 3 to 5 days, though various factors may affect this duration.
Type of Document:
Educational, personal, and commercial documents require different processing times.
Inaccuracies in your document call for corrections and re-submissions, causing delays in the apostille process.
Volume of Applications:
High application volumes contribute to delays in apostille processing.
Staff Availability:
The availability of officials at the required levels directly influences the speed of document processing.
The biggest factor that impacts processing time is the selection of your apostille service agency. As a government-approved apostille agency (MEA-approved) in Delhi, we ensure a genuine and swift process which is faster & efficient than traditional methods. You can count on us for a quick and easy document apostilling process in Delhi.

Fees for Apostille Services in Delhi

The prices for the documents apostille attestation in Delhi are as follows:
Type Of DocumentPrice
Educational DocumentsRs. 2000 to Rs. 3000
Commercial DocumentsRs. 2500 to Rs. 5000
Personal DocumentsRs. 2000 to 4000
Other DocumentsRs. 3000 to 5000
At EAS, we offer the most competitive fees for Apostille Services in Delhi. Our pricing is fair and we deliver top-notch quality without breaking the bank. Choosing us not only saves you money but also ensures a speedy and stress-free apostille process.
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Required Documents for Getting An Apostille

Following is the list of documents that you need to send us.

Essential Documents

Following is the list of documents that you need to send us.
  • The original document you need to be apostilled
  • Clear photocopies of the original document
  • Proof of identity (passport or Aadhaar card)

Optional Documents

These are some optional documents.
  • Notary stamp
  • Verification certificate for educational documents

How to Get Apostille in Delhi in 3 Easy Steps

When you choose EAS, getting your documents apostilled in Delhi is fast and easy.
Step 1
Discuss Your Requirements with Us:

First, discuss your document needs with us. Our friendly team in Delhi will guide you and provide information on the required documents.

Step 2
Send us Your Documents:

Gather the necessary documents and send them to us online, via courier, or in person at our Delhi office. For added convenience, our executives can pick up your documents from your home for free!

Step 3

Sit back and relax! Our expert team will work with the authorities to apostille your document. Once the apostille is complete, we’ll either courier it to you or deliver it straight to your doorstep.

List of Documents That Require Apostille

We specialise in apostilling a variety of documents in Delhi to ensure their international validity. Whether it's your degree certificate, marriage certificate, or birth certificate — we can apostille all the documents. Here are some common document types that often need apostille for international use.

Personal Documents :

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Marriage certificates
  3. Death certificates
  4. Police clearance certificates (PCC)

Educational Documents :

  1. H.S.C
  2. S.S.C
  3. Degree certificates
  4. Diplomas
  5. Transcripts
  6. Mark sheets

Commercial Documents :

  1. Invoice
  2. Certificates of origin
  3. Power of attorney documents
  4. Certificate of incorporation

Other Documents :

  1. Contracts
  2. agreements
  3. Medical certificates
  4. Patent documents
  5. Divorce decrees
  6. Adoption papers
  7. Affidavits and declarations
Apart from the mentioned list, you may need to apostille additional documents based on your requirements. Feel free to reach out to our team for a discussion.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apostille in Delhi

Get your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) apostilled in Delhi with us. A PCC is a document that verifies that you have a clean record, which means you do not have any criminal history. While seeking a job abroad, you will need an apostille stamp on it to make it recognisable in a foreign country. You can trust us to handle the PCC Apostille process conveniently for you.

Educational Certificate Apostille in Delhi

Your education documents, such as degree certificates, marksheets, HSC, and SSC, are crucial. To make them valid abroad, they require an Apostille stamp. At EAS, we ensure a smooth apostille process for your educational certificates, making them ready for international use.

Birth Certificate Apostille in Delhi

Get your Birth Certificate Apostilled in Delhi with EAS! We make the process easy, ensuring your birth certificate and other personal documents are apostilled with ease. Just submit your documents, and we will handle the rest.

Marriage Certificate Apostille in Delhi

If you are planning to settle abroad with your loved one, getting your Marriage Certificate apostilled is a must. If you’re in Delhi, our team will take care of all the steps to apostille your marriage certificate, so you can just focus on your exciting journey ahead.

Certificate Apostille in Delhi

We provide an easy certificate apostille in Delhi for any of your documents. Our simple process and expert team make getting your certificates apostilled easy and stress-free. Whether it’s your university degree certificate or your experience letter, you can trust us to handle the process, so your certificates are ready for global recognition!

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Everything You Need to Know about Apostilling a Document in Delhi

For quick answers, see our Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact us if you have a special question.
  • 1: What should I do if I make a mistake in my Apostille application?

    If you discover a mistake in your Apostille application after submission, reach out to us immediately. We’ll fix the error before issuing the Apostille, ensuring your documents are accurate and ready for use.

  • 2: How to get an apostille stamp in Delhi?

    Getting an apostille stamp in Delhi is easy! You simply have to submit your documents to us, and we’ll take care of the entire apostille process for you.

  • 3: What is the Validity of Apostille in Delhi?

    While the Apostille keeps your documents generally valid, some countries may require an Apostille issued within the last 3, 6, or 12 months.

  • 4: What is the process for personal documents apostille?

    Notary Attestation > SDM/ Home Department > Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

  • 5: What is the apostille process for educational documents in Delhi?

    Notary > SDM / Home Department / HRD > Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA India)

  • 6: Process for commercial documents apostille in Delhi?

    Chamber of Commerce Attestation > Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs

  • 7: What is an Apostille?

    An Apostille is a stamp issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) which proves that your public documents are original and ready for use in countries part of the Hague Convention.

  • 8: Why is Apostille Required?

    If you plan to use documents in another country that is part of the Hague Convention, you need an Apostille for legal recognition and international acceptance. An apostille ensures that your documents are genuine and not forged.

  • 9: Who needs Apostille?

    You need to apostille your documents if you plan to use them for any purpose in nations that are part of the Hague Convention.

  • 10: What is the Hague Convention?

    The Hague Convention is an agreement which simplifies paperwork between governments. This allows documents to be used across countries without additional procedures.

  • 11: Difference between Apostille and Attestation?

    Apostille and attestation both make documents globally valid. Apostille is a specific stamp for Hague Convention countries, while attestation is a broader method of certifying papers for global use. Apostille is needed for those who intend to use their documents in nations that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention. Other countries ask for attestation rather than apostille.

  • 12: What happens if my Apostille is lost or damaged?

    If your Apostille is lost or damaged, no worries! Apply for a duplicate, keeping in mind there’s an additional cost for this service.