HRD Attestation

HRD Attestation Services for Indian educational certificates

Get the best HRD attestation Services in India at EAS! HRD (Human Resource Development) is found in every Indian state and focuses on education and human development. HRD attestation verifies the authenticity of educational documents—a vital step for jobs, higher studies, or moving abroad. EAS makes it simple: just send your original documents and we take care of the entire HRD process in your state.

HRD Attestation Services in India
2 Steps to Get HRD Attestation Services in India

HRD Attestation Process

There are 2 stages of HRD  

This means the issuing authority first verifies your document. For example, your degree certificate will be stamped by your university. 

In the next step, your stamped documents are forwarded to the state’s HRD for further verification.

Time for HRD Stamping

It takes 10 to 30  working days. Some factors will delay the process:


Document completeness:

if your application has discrepancies, it will require corrections and will slow down the process.



Festivals and holidays will slow down the process



if the authorities get too many applications in a short time, it will delay the process.



Different Indian states have different processing times.

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Fees to get HRD Stamp

HRD verification process cost is 3500  to 8000 rs.

Documents Required for HRD Process

Essential Documents

Optional Documents

How to Get HRD Attestation?

There are 2 steps to get your certificates validated by HRD

Step 1

Send Us The Documents

Get on a call to discuss your requirements and compile all the required documents. Our team will collect them from your home.

Step 2


That is it! Our team will take your document to HRD and get it attested. Once done, we will send the attested documents to your home.

List of Documents That Require Stamp by the HRD

State Provides HRD Stamp

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1: What is HRD attestation validity?

Documents confirmed by HRD have no expiration date and are always valid.

Early HRD is required to prepare your documents for usage overseas. Professionals looking for work and students pursuing education overseas both require it. HRD verification is needed only for educational documents.

Yes, we offer HRD Services for many universities including

  • Gujarat university 
  • MS University
  • Saurashtra University
  • Andhra university   
  • Mumbai university

and more