Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Get the best Chamber of Commerce Attestation services at EAS in India! If you’re involved in international trade, business, or export-import activities, the Chamber of Commerce attestation is crucial. It is required to validate the authenticity of commercial documents, ensuring their legal acceptance in foreign countries. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, exporter, or involved in business transactions, COC attestation is essential for documents like invoices, certificates of origin, agreements, and more. At EAS, we simplify the process, offering reliable and efficient services.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation
Chamber of Commerce stamp

Process for Chamber of Commerce stamp

The process of Chamber of Commerce verification is simple.  Your commercial or business-related documents are directly sent to the chamber of commerce for attestation.

Time to get stamp from Chamber

The time required to get your documents verified by the Chamber of Commerce in India ranges from 2  to 3 days. However, some factors will affect the time required.

Document completeness:

Missing documents or incomplete applications will delay the process.



Festivals or national holidays will pause the process for some time.



Too many applications at the Chamber of Commerce will extend processing times.


Peak Seasons:

At certain times of the year, there will be increased demand for attestation services, affecting processing speed.

Fees for chamber of commerce stamp

Depending upon the type of commercial document, the fees for attesting them from the Chamber of Commerce is Rs 1000 to Rs 2000. Because we understand the difficulties involved in conducting business internationally, our COC attestation services are reasonably priced.  We respect your time and guarantee accurate and prompt document processing so you can go ahead and plan on growing your business overseas.

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How to Get Chamber of Commerce Attestation?

Choosing us means you will get your commercial documents verified in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Discuss Your Needs:

Speak with a member of our staff over the phone, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Step 2

Send Us The Documents:

Gather the required papers, and we will pick up your documents directly from your doorstep.

Step 3


Relax while we attest your commercial documents from the Chamber of Commerce. Once verified, we will deliver the documents to your home.

List of Commercial Documents That Require Chamber of Commerce stamp

EAS can help you get stamps on all commercial and business-related documents including

Who Needs the Chamber of Commerce attested documents?

Chamber of Commerce verification is needed by anyone who wants to conduct business abroad. It’s usually needed for

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