Home Department Attestation

Get the best Home Department attestation services at EAS in India. Also known as SHD attestation or Mantralaya attestation, it is a crucial step for state-level attestation, with every Indian state having its own. For non-educational and personal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, affidavits, and more, SHD attestation is a must. Whether you’re pursuing job opportunities, applying for a visa, or handling legal matters abroad, Home Department attestation makes your documents legally recognized within the state, ensuring they are accepted and authenticated for various purposes.

Home Department Attestation
Everything You Need To Know About Home Department Attestation

Guidelines for State Home Attestation

The Home Department  attestation process takes place in 2 simple stages.

Certain documents like affidavits will require a Notary Public to notarize them.

Your paperwork will next be forwarded to the Home Department for state-level attestation where SHD puts their official stamp.

Time for State Attestation

The State department takes 1 to 3 days to give the attestation’s stamp.  Yet there are a few things that will change how long it takes.


Document completeness:

Applications that are incomplete or missing documents will cause a delay in the procedure.



Different Indian states will have different processing times.



The procedure will be temporarily halted by festivals or national holidays.



The Home Department’s overflow of applications will cause processing times to increase.

Fees for Home Attestation

Attestation costs are Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 for the Home department

We know moving abroad can be tough, so our SHD attestation services are affordable. We value your time and promise quick and accurate document processing, letting you focus on your move abroad.

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Documents Required for State Department Attestation

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How to Get Home Department Attestation?

By selecting us, you will get your Home department authentication in only three simple steps!

Step 1

Discuss Your Needs

Contact our team to discuss the requirements and they will happily address any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

Step 2

Send Us The Documents:

Collect the necessary documents, and we will pick them up immediately from your home.

Step 3


You can relax as we obtain the Home Department’s attestation for your personal documents. We will deliver the documents to your residence once they have been validated.

List of Documents That Require SHD Attestation

The home department can attest non-educational and personal documents like

Kindly get in touch with our team to Know more about the documents that need SHD attestation.

Home Department of States

Home department verification is valid for the following states

Home Department Stamp is mandatory for Marriage Certificate

To guarantee that your marriage certificate is appropriately accepted for use in other nations, the Home Department must attest it at an initial stage. An attested marriage certificate is necessary for joint requests for visas, residency permits, and land ownership. By handling every step and obtaining verification from SHD for your marriage certificate, EAS accelerates the process.

Authenticating Single Status Certificate by Home Department

The State Home Department must first verify your Single Status Certificate if you intend to be married abroad. We take care of all the processes for you making attesting your Single Status Certificate easier.

Home Department Attests Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate must be authenticated initially by the Home Department to be used overseas. This is necessary to prove family ties overseas, apply for residency and enroll in school. We collect your documents and obtain your birth certificate officially stamped by the Home department for the next steps.

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1: Who Needs the Home Department Attested document?

Individuals must get Home Department attestation before using personal documents like marriage certificates and birth certificates for visas, employment permits, and legal purposes overseas.