Attestation Services in Mumbai

Certificate Attestation Services in Mumbai

EAS is your trusted partner in Mumbai, Maharashtra, offering stress-free attestation services for personal, educational, and commercial documents. Whether it’s attesting certificates for UAE, Kuwait, China, Vietnam, Malaysia or any country — we cover it all. Our agency is recognized and approved by the government in India. From birth and marriage certificates to degree and PCC — get the best attestation services in Mumbai by below contact detail.

Document TypeEmail IdContact Number
Educational/Personal Certificate email@apostille.in8866-787-599
Commercial Documents Attestationinfo@apostille.in8866-473-857

Attestation Process in Mumbai

There are 4 stages of document attestation

  • Step 1: Notary's Involvement in Document Verification

    First, a Notary Public checks and verifies some of your documents.

  • Step 2: SDM/ Home Department/ Chamber of Commerce Validation

    Then, your documents go to the Home Department or SDM, and commercial papers visit the Chamber of Commerce for checking.

  • Step 3: MEA Attestation for national-level recognition

    To make sure your documents are ready for embassy attestation, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) puts a stamp on them.

  • Step 4: Embassy attestation for making your certificates ready

    Finally, the embassy of the country you're going to give your documents a special stamp, making them ready to use there.

Time to Get Document Validated in Mumbai

Your certificates will be stamped in 5 to 10 days. Some things that might make it take longer are:
Different countries take different amounts of time to verify your documents.
If there are mistakes on the certificate, it will need to be fixed, and that will take more time.
High Volume of Applications:
If a lot of people are applying, it will slow things down.
Staff Availability:
If there aren't enough people to do the work, it will take longer.

Fees for Attestation Services in Mumbai

The following table shows the range of fees for getting an attestation stamp, that vary on embassy fee, type of document and process
Type of DocumentType of ProcessPrice
Educational CertificatesNotary > SDM / HRD > MEA > Embassy Rs 2500 to Rs 9000
Commercial DocumentsChamber of Commerce > MEA > EmbassyRs 3000 + Embassy fees
Personal DocumentsNotary > Home Department > MEA > Embassy Rs 2500 to Rs 7000
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Required Documents

Essential Documents

  • The original documents
  • Clear photocopies of the original documents
  • Proof of identity (Passport or Aadhaar card)

Optional Documents

  • Notary stamp
  • Verification certificate for educational documents
Attestation Services in Mumba
How to Get Certificate Attestation Services in Mumbai

3 Easy Steps to Get Attestation in Mumbai

Choosing us for document attestation in Mumbai is great because we make the process simple and fast.
Step 1
Let’s Talk:

Just talk to our friendly staff, and they will answer your questions and guide you through the easy steps for your documents.

Step 2
Send The Documents:

Gather the papers our staff told you to, and then relax. We offer a free doorstep pickup service, so we’ll take care of everything for you.

Step 3

Sit back and wait for your attested documents to arrive! Our experts will handle the document verification and consulate filing. Once everything is officially attested, we’ll bring them to your doorstep for free.

List of Documents That Require Attestation

We help make your documents official for use in other countries. Whether it's your birth certificate, degree, or work experience letter, we've got you covered!

Personal Documents :

  1. Police clearance certificates (PCC)
  2. Medical certificate
  3. Experience certificate
  4. Birth certificates
  5. Marriage certificates
  6. Death certificates

Educational Documents :

  1. H.S.C
  2. S.S.C
  3. Degree certificates
  4. Diplomas Transcripts
  5. Mark sheets
  6. School Transfer Certificate

Commercial Documents :

  1. Power of attorney
  2. Certificates of incorporation
  3. GMP
  4. Free Sale Certificate
  5. Invoice
  6. Certificates of origin

Other Documents :

  1. Contracts / agreements
  2. Patent documents
  3. Divorce decrees
  4. Adoption papers
  5. Affidavits and declarations
  6. Single Status Certificate

Commercial Document Attestation in Mumbai

When you have business papers like invoices and agreements, they need approval from the consulate to be genuine. This approval is important for smooth trade, running a company, and going through customs. Your commercial certificate attestation is necessary for visas, owning property, and legal matters.

Guide to obtain attestation for a Degree Certificate in Mumbai

If you dream of achieving academic success, start with getting your degree certificates, transcripts, and diplomas approved by the Embassy. This approval makes them officially recognized, helping you apply for visas, work permits, and higher education opportunities.

Guide to attesting a Marriage Certificate in Mumbai

Planning to move to another country with your partner? Make it easy by verifying your marriage certificate! It confirms your marriage for visas, residency, and acceptance abroad. Don’t worry about paperwork — we will check your marriage certificate, send it to the consulate, and get it attested!

Get Single Status Certificate in Mumbai

Also known as no impediment or a celibacy certificate, an attested single status certificate is required abroad to get married. It proves your unmarried status or bachelorhood.

Get Birth Certificate attested in Mumbai

Your birth certificate can open doors to more opportunities abroad! We take care of getting your birth certificate stamped by the Embassy for visas, properties, and family matters. You focus on your move abroad, and we’ll handle the official stuff.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Attestation in Mumbai

If you need to prove you have a clean record, you’ll need attestation on your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). This formal document is often required for residency, work permits, and visas. EAS helps by getting the consulate to confirm your clean criminal record.

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  • 1: Who needs attestation?
    • Individuals moving abroad: for work, studies, or permanent residency.
    • Businesses expanding overseas: for contracts, legal documents, and company registrations.
    • Students applying to foreign universities: for transcripts, diplomas, and other academic records.
    • People seeking international recognition of documents: for marriage certificates, birth certificates, and death certificates.