Birth Certificate Attestation

Attestation for Birth Certificate

Get the best Birth Certificate Attestation Services in India, It is crucial for persons seeking the use of their birth certificates in a foreign nation. It is used for a variety of purposes, including immigration, education, and employment. It verifies the authenticity of the birth certificate and ensures its legal recognition in the intended country. EAS makes it simple and reliable to obtain an attestation of your birth certificate for international use.

Apostille Service Type Email ID Contact Number
Physical Apostille 8866-473-857
Online Apostille 8866-787-599
Apostille Service Type Contact
Physical Apostille Mobile: 8866-473-857
Online Apostille Mobile: 8866-787-599

Process for Birth Certificate Attestation in India

There are 4 distinct stages of verification in getting an attestation stamp on your birth certificate from the MEA and foreign embassy.

Your birth certificate is initially certified by a Notary Public.

After that, the Home Department or SDM receives your birth certificate for state-level verification.

To ensure that your birth certificate is ready for the final stage, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) must stamp it.

Finally, the embassy of the nation you are visiting grants your birth certificate the final seal of approval, granting you legal validity for its use abroad.

Fees & Time required for getting your attested birth certificate in India

In India, the time required to attest your birth certificate is 5 to15 days and it costs Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000. The processing time & cost will be affected by a some factors like



Each country’s embassy will have a different processing time & fees for the final verification.



Your birth certificate will require changes and take longer to finalize if there are any inconsistencies or errors.


High Volume of Applications:

The process will be delayed if the appropriate authority receives a huge amount of applications.


Staff Availability:

The processing time will be impacted by the resources that are available at the appropriate authorities.

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Required Documents to Getting Attested Birth Certificate

How Do I Attest My Birth Certificate?

It only takes two easy steps to prepare your birth certificate for use abroad.

Step 1

Send us Your Documents

Collect the necessary documents and submit them to us via email, courier, or in person at our office. To make things easier for you, we also provide complimentary pick-up!

Step 2


Relax as our knowledgeable staff works with authorities to ensure that every aspect of your birth certificate, including the notary stamp and Embassy Attestation, is validated. After it’s finished, we’ll send the stamped documents your way!

Who Needs a Birth Certificate Attestation?

A birth certificate is required for requesting a visa, enrolling in an international school, or establishing residency. One of the most important steps in the document validation process is attestation.  It is required for:

What Does an Attestation Look Like on Certificate?

Attestation Process for Birth Certificates in India
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FAQ on Attesting Birth Certificate

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A certain stamp known as an attestation gives your documents formal status and international validity. It functions as an international declaration of the validity of your document. You will need an attested documents if you intend to travel, work, study, or engage in any other significant activity in another country.

Generally It is permanent, the nation you are visiting may require that your birth certificate be attested recently.

Depending on the particular visa category and the nation of issue, a birth certificate will or will not be required. If you are looking for employment, business, or education or are involved in any personal or legal matter abroad, you will need a birth certificate for the visa. If you are travelling on a tourist visa, birth certificate attestation is not needed.