SDM Attestation

Get the best SDM attestation services in India! SDM attestation, or Sub-Divisional Magistrate attestation, is a verification stamp for your important documents in India. This government body carefully checks birth certificates, marriage certificates, and educational certificates to make sure they’re real. You can trust us at EAS to get your papers verified by SDM.

SDM Attestation

SDM Stamping Procedure

There are 2 stages

Many important documents like affidavits are sent to a Notary Public for verification 

The next step includes your documents getting stamped by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate or SDM, making them ready for further process.

Time for SDM stamp

3  to 5  days are needed to get SDM verification. The following factors will affect this time:


Document completeness:

The procedure will be slowed down by incomplete applications or missing information.


Document type:

Educational and personal documents will require slightly different amounts of time.



The processing time will be affected by festivals and holidays. 



An abundance of applications or a significant workload at SDM will cause the process to slow down

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Fees for SDM Stamp

Here are the fees of the document verifcation from SDM :

Type of Document Fees
Educational Documents Rs 1500
Personal Documents Rs 2000

At EAS, we provide economical SDM stamp services. We understand that moving abroad is tough and so we handle your attestation process with care and little involvement on your part.

Documents Required at SDM

Essential Documents

Optional Documents

How to Get SDM Attestation?

Get your documents validated by SDM in three simple steps!

Step 1

Discuss Your Needs

Speak with our friendly team about your SDM attestation needs, and they will walk you through the process and address your questions.

Step 2

Send Us The Documents

Gather the relevant documents and allow our team to come and pick them up from your place!

Step 2


That is it! We will verify your paperwork from the SDM and bring it to your home!

List of Documents That Require Stamp by the SDM

Below is the list of documents that require SDM  verification:

Personal Documents: Educational Documents:
Birth certificates H.S.C
Marriage certificates S.S.C
Death certificates Degree certificates
Police clearance certificates (PCC) Diplomas
Medical certificate Transcripts
Single Status Certificate Mark sheets
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1: What is SDM stamp validity?

SDM-attested documents are valid forever and do not have any expiration date.

SDM attestation is needed at an early stage to get your documents ready for use abroad. It is needed by students seeking education abroad, professionals who are looking for employment or any other reasons that involve migration or legal matters in a foreign land.