Apostille Services in Pune

We at EAS provide the best Apostille services in Pune, Maharashtra. Following the 1961 Hague Convention, an apostille validates documents for global use. Our experts smoothly handle all tricky procedures for Apostilling various certificates and documents like pcc, birth, marriage, degree, commercial and more.

Apostille Services in Pune

Apostille Process in Pune

The Apostille process has 4 distinct stages.

  • Step 1: Validation By The Issuing Authority

    First, the issuing authority authenticates your documents. For example, Pune University will first verify your degree certificate.

  • Step 2: Notary Stamp (optional)

    A Notary Public will verify the document additionally and add an authorized stamp if necessary.

  • Step 3: SDM/ HRD Attestation

    The documents you provide are forwarded to the Maharashtra Home Department for further verification. Officials seal your document once it has been approved.

  • Step 4: MEA Authentication

    The last stage involves the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issuing an official Apostille stamp on the document you submitted!

Time Required for Apostille in Pune

In Pune, the processing period for apostilling your documents ranges from 3 to 5 working days. However, various factors can influence the overall processing time. They include:
Different documents:
Educational documents, personal documents, and commercial documents will take different times to get apostilled.
Government Workload:
The workload at government offices will impact the processing time.
Document Errors:
Document errors will need rectification, thus delaying the Apostille process.
Peak Seasons:
During peak seasons, high applications will result in lengthier processing times.
It is also essential to select the right Apostille service provider. Private services are frequently faster than the traditional method of obtaining an apostille. You can rely on us for a smooth and speedy document apostilling in Pune.

Fees for Apostille Services in Pune

The prices for the documents attestation are as follows:
Type Of DocumentPrice
Educational DocumentsRs. 2000 to Rs. 4000
Commercial invoicesRs. 2500 to Rs. 5000
Personal DocumentsRs. 2000 to Rs. 5500
Other DocumentsRs. 3000 to Rs. 6000
The cost of apostille services in Pune varies based on the document type and the level of authentication required. For inquiries or additional information about our pricing, feel free to contact our approachable team. We're here to assist with all your document requirements!
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Required Documents for Getting An Apostille

To apostille your documents, kindly send us the required documents listed below

Essential Documents

To apostille your documents, kindly send us the required documents listed below
  • The original document you need to be apostilled
  • Clear photocopies of the original document
  • Proof of identity (passport or Aadhaar card)

Optional Documents

These documents or processes may be needed for apostilling your document.
  • Application form or Apostille form.
  • Notary stamp
  • Verification certificate for educational documents

How to Get Apostille in Pune? 3 Easy Steps

When you choose us, getting your documents apostilled in Pune is easy and convenient. With us, you can apostille your documents online!
Step 1
Discuss Your Requirements with Us:

First, we discuss what document you need apostilling. Our friendly team in Pune will guide you through the process, making sure that you are informed about the apostilling process.

Step 2
Submit Your Documents:

Send us your documents online, by courier, or in person at our Pune office. We also offer a doorstep collection, so you don’t have to worry about document submission.

Step 3

Sit back and relax! We’ll work our magic with the authorities to authenticate your document ASAP. Once it’s ready, we’ll send the apostilled document straight to you by mail or deliver it to your doorstep.

List of Documents That Require Apostille

At EAS, we specialize in apostilling various documents in Pune and making them valid for international use. Whether you want to apostille your degree certificate, marriage certificate or birth certificate — you can trust us. Here are some of the most common types of documents that require apostille for international use.

Personal Documents :

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Marriage certificates
  3. Death certificates
  4. Police clearance certificates (PCC)

Educational Documents :

  1. H.S.C
  2. S.S.C
  3. Degree certificates
  4. Diplomas
  5. Transcripts
  6. Mark sheets

Commercial Documents :

  1. Bills of lading
  2. Certificates of origin
  3. Power of attorney documents
  4. Company incorporation documents

Other Documents :

  1. Contracts, agreements, and wills
  2. Medical certificates
  3. Patent documents
  4. Land ownership documents
  5. Divorce decrees
  6. Adoption papers
  7. Affidavits and declarations
Apart from the above list, you may need to apostille other documents depending upon the purpose and guidelines given by the respective country. So it’s best that you talk with our friendly team to discuss your requirements in detail.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apostille in Pune

We make obtaining your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apostille in Pune easy. If you’re going abroad for work or immigration, we make sure your PCC is 100% genuine. No need to worry — we will manage the authentication process for you at your convenience. So, after your PCC is apostilled, you’re ready for your new journey!

Degree Certificate Apostille in Pune

We recognize the significance of your academic achievements! So, if you have a degree certificate, we will Apostille it so that it can be used internationally. This means we confirm it’s legitimate, valid, and ready for your education abroad.

Birth Certificate Apostille in Pune

Did you realize that your birth certificate must also be apostilled? If you are travelling overseas, we will Apostille your birth certificate to show everyone where you are from, no matter where you go!

Marriage Certificate Apostille in Pune

If you want your marriage certificate to work its magic in another country, we will help you Apostille your marriage certificate in Pune. It’s like a special spell that proves your love story is real and recognised everywhere around the globe.

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Everything You Need to Know about Apostilling a Document in Pune

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers. If you have a unique question, kindly contact us.
  • 1: Why do I need an Apostille in Pune?

    If you plan to use an Indian-issued public document outside the country, an Apostille is essential for it to be recognized abroad. The Apostille is specifically required for nations that are part of the Hague Convention.

  • 2: What should I do if I make a mistake in my Apostille application in Pune?

    If you spot an error in your Apostille application post-submission, contact us promptly. We’ll rectify the mistake before issuing the Apostille.

  • 3: What is the Validity of Apostille in Pune?

    While apostilling assures that your documents are permanently legitimate, some nations may require that the apostille be no older than 3, 6, or 12 months for
    particular purposes.

  • 4: How to get a marriage certificate apostille in Pune?

    To get your marriage certificate apostille in Pune, you have to send the required documents to us. We’ll forward them to relevant authorities and MEA for apostilling it.

  • 5: How to get commercial documents apostille from MEA in Pune?

    To get your business documents like invoices or certificates apostille in Pune, you can follow these simple steps: Prepare your documents, submit them to us, and we’ll take care of the Apostille process with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for you. Easy-peasy!

  • 6: What is an Apostille?

    An Apostille is a distinctive certificate issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to confirm the authenticity of a public document for use in countries adhering to the Hague Convention. It simplifies the official acknowledgement of various documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational degrees, and business invoicing.

  • 7: Why is Apostille Required?

    Apostille is necessary when using documents abroad to guarantee their legal recognition and international acceptance. In essence, Apostilling documents serve as a verification of their originality.

  • 8: Who needs Apostille?

    Anyone heading overseas for business, study, or other purposes will need an Apostille for their documents. This certification is crucial to ensure the acceptance and validity of your documents in other countries.

  • 9: What is the Difference between Apostille and Attestation?

    While both Apostille and attestation validate documents for international use, Apostille is a streamlined process tailored for Hague Convention countries. Attestation, on the other hand, is a broader certification method.

  • 10: What is the Hague Convention?

    The Hague Convention is an international treaty that simplifies the process of legalizing documents, facilitating easier recognition of documents among member countries.

  • 11: What happens if my Apostille is lost or damaged?

    If your Apostille is lost or damaged, you can apply for a duplicate. Keep in mind that this service incurs an additional cost.