Apostille Services in Lucknow

Get your document apostille services in Lucknow with us! We’re an official Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) authorized agency, meaning your documents get the VIP treatment — quick, reliable, and internationally recognized under the Hague Convention. Whether it’s a degree, certificates, marriage documents, PCC, or birth certificates — we apostille all documents and certificates!  Say goodbye to stress and hello to easy document validation!

Apostille Services in Lucknow

Apostille Process in Lucknow

Your documents go through 4 stages of the apostille process in Lucknow.

  • Step 1: Issuing Authority Validation

    Your documents get verification from the organization that issued them  For example, the University of Lucknow will verify your original degree certificates.

  • Step 2: Notary Stamp (optional)

    Some documents will need additional verification by a Notary Public.

  • Step 3: SDM/ HRD Validation

    Next, your documents go to the Home Department of Uttar Pradesh for a final state-level validation. Commercial documents head straight to the Chambers of Commerce.

  • Step 4: MEA Authentication

    Finally, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) adorns your documents with the apostille stamp, making them acceptable all around the world.

Time Required for MEA Apostille in Lucknow

With us, apostilling your documents in Lucknow is fast! It will take 4 to 5 working days. A few factors will affect the processing time:
Document Type:
Different documents like educational, personal, and commercial will take different times to get apostilled
Missing documents or discrepancies will cause the process to be delayed.
Application Surge & Seasons:
High-demand seasons and a high volume of applications will slow the apostille process.
Unforeseen Delays:
Possible delays might arise due to holidays or unforeseen events at the relevant authorities
Want a fast apostille service in Lucknow? Choose us! We are a Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) certified apostille agency in Lucknow trusted by hundreds for a reliable, quick and stress-free apostilling of documents.

Fees for Apostille Services in Lucknow

The cost for the apostilling documents in Lucknow is as follows:
Type Of DocumentPrice
Educational DocumentsRs. 2000 to Rs. 3000
Commercial DocumentsRs. 2500 to Rs. 5000
Personal DocumentsRs. 2000 to Rs. 4500
Other DocumentsRs. 3000 to Rs. 8000
We at EAS understand how hectic the process of apostilling can be when you're busy with other plans for your move abroad. That’s why we offer low prices as compared to others, ensuring that your journey is free of financial challenges. To make the process stress-free for you, we take care of the whole process with your little involvement.
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Required Documents for Getting An Apostille in Lucknow

To get an apostille stamp on your certificates, kindly send us the following documents.

Essential Documents

To get an apostille stamp on your certificates, kindly send us the following documents.
  • The original document
  • Clear photocopies of the original document
  • Proof of identity (passport or Aadhaar card)

Optional Documents

These are some optional documents
  • Notary stamp
  • Verification certificate for educational documents

How to Get Apostille in Lucknow (3 Easy Steps)

Here’s how you can get an apostille in Lucknow fast.
Step 1
Discuss Your Requirements:

Discuss your requirements with our team in Lucknow. They’ll inform you regarding the process.

Step 2
Send Us The Documents:

Compile all necessary documents and drop them at our office, courier or email them, or let us pick them up from your home for free!

Step 3

Just relax now! Our team will validate your document with the appropriate authorities. We’ll deliver your apostilled documents right to your door.

List of Documents That Require Apostille

With over a decade of industry expertise, we specialize in apostilling various documents like diplomas, marriage certificates, and birth certificates. The listed documents below are those requiring an apostille for international use in Hague Convention countries. Additionally, we will apostille any documents you need.

Personal Documents :

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Marriage certificates
  3. Death certificates
  4. Police clearance certificates (PCC)

Educational Documents :

  1. H.S.C
  2. S.S.C
  3. Degree certificates
  4. Diplomas
  5. Transcripts
  6. Mark sheets

Commercial Documents :

  1. Invoice
  2. Certificates of origin
  3. Power of attorney
  4. Certificates of incorporation
  5. GMP
  6. Free Sale Certificate

Other Documents :

  1. Contracts
  2. agreements
  3. Medical certificates
  4. Patent documents
  5. Divorce decrees
  6. Adoption papers
  7. Affidavits and declarations
Apart from the above list, you may need to apostille other documents depending upon the purpose and guidelines given by the respective country. So it’s best that you talk with our friendly team to discuss your requirements in detail

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apostille in Lucknow

Your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is needed for immigration, job, or education abroad. It is your key to show that you have a clean record. We accelerate the PCC apostille process in Lucknow, ensuring that you get your PCC apostilled quickly and without any worry.

Degree Certificate Apostille in Lucknow

Are you planning to study in prestigious universities, conducting research, or landing your dream job across the globe? We understand the power of education and experience. That’s why we apostille your degree or other educational certificates with ease!

Birth Certificate Apostille Services in Lucknow

From enrolling your child in an international school to exploring the path towards citizenship, an apostille birth certificate is needed. We at EAS take the complexity out of the process, ensuring your Lucknow birth certificate gains global recognition.

Marriage Certificate Apostille Services in Lucknow

To get visas, joint financial accounts, and acquire property overseas with your spouse will need an apostille marriage certificate. We at EAS handle the marriage certificate apostille process with expertise and care so you can focus on the new beginnings.

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Everything You Need to Know about Apostilling a Document in Lucknow

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about apostille services in Lucknow. Please contact us if you have any queries.
  • 1: How to get Lucknow apostille & embassy attestation service in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh?

    It’s easy! All you have to do is contact us. As an MEA-approved apostille company, we offer the best apostille services for a quick and reliable process in Uttar Pradesh

  • 2: What is the Validity of Apostille Certificate in Lucknow?

    It’s easy! All you have to do is contact us. As an MEA-approved apostille company, we offer the best apostille services for a quick and reliable process in Uttar Pradesh.

  • 3: What is the Validity of Apostille Certificate in Lucknow?

    Apostille documents do not have an expiry date but some countries may ask for an apostilled document no older than 3, 6, or 12 months.

  • 4: What is the apostille process for personal, educational, and commercial documents in Lucknow?

    Personal Documents: Notary > Uttar Pradesh Home Department >MEA

    Educational Documents: Notary > SDM / HRD > MEA

    Commercial Documents: Chamber of Commerce > MEA

  • 5: What is an apostille & why is it Required?

    An apostille is a special stamp that verifies your document’s authenticity for use in over 126 countries that are part of the Hague Convention. It shows that your documents are original and ensures their acceptance as valid. So, whether you’re studying overseas, applying for a visa, or doing business globally, an apostille makes your documents acceptable in a foreign land.

  • 6: What is the difference between Apostille and Attestation?

    Around the world, documents get validated through apostille and attestation. 

    Apostille is a fast, simplified stamp for documents that are valid in Hague Convention countries; while attestation is a multi-step process for non-Hague countries and involves embassy/consulate verification.