HRD Attestation in India

What Is HRD Attestation?

How to Get HRD Attestation in India (a Complete Guide)

If you want to know what is HRD attestation, you’re at the right place. 

HRD Attestation is a process of verifying the authenticity of educational documents issued in India. This process of carrying out attestation is managed by The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry of the Indian government. 

If you’re planning to move abroad for higher studies or employment purposes, then HRD attestation is mandatory.  

To get your documents attested by the HRD Ministry, you have to submit your degree certificates, along with a few additional documents like your passport copy. 

Let’s explore in detail what HRD attestation means and what is the process for getting HRD attestation in India. 

What Is the Meaning of HRD Attestation?

HRD attestation means verification of your degree certificates on a state level to prove that your educational documents are real and not forged. 

The terms HRD and MHRD attestation are the same, where MHRD stands for Ministry of Human Resource Development. The creation and execution of policies pertaining to education and the development of human resources fall under the scope of this department of the Indian government. 

In 2020, the MHRD became the Ministry of Education which is in charge of creating and carrying out policies pertaining to literacy, technical education, adult education, higher education, and schooling. Additionally, they control the HRD attestation procedure. This division is crucial since it provides the HRD’s attestation stamp on your paperwork. 

The Purpose of HRD Attestation

A legal procedure known as HRD Attestation is carried out by the relevant State HRD department in India to confirm and establish the validity of educational degree certificates. 

When you want to move abroad for educational or employment reasons, an HRD stamp on a degree or certificate is a must. When a degree is stamped by the relevant HRD department official, the government authenticates the document by giving it its seal of approval. 

Once the attestation is completed, the documents are considered legally valid and can be used for the intended purpose abroad. In short, the HRD stamp on your certificates is a way to show that your documents are genuine and there is no instance of forgery,

Who Needs HRD Attestation?

If you’re planning to move abroad for educational or employment purposes, you will need HRD attestation for the processing of the VISA. 

Without the HRD stamp on your certificates, you cannot move ahead with your Visa application. Here is a list of people who may need HRD attestation: 


Students who intend to attend a higher education institution abroad.


Those people who intend to work abroad.


Workers who are looking for employment abroad.


People who are in another nation and asking for a work visa or work permit.


Professionals like teachers, doctors, engineers, and nurses looking for work abroad.


Those who need to demonstrate their educational credentials in order to immigrate to a foreign country.


those looking to work in academic or research roles in a foreign university.


Those who must prove their educational credentials in order to be granted permanent residency in a foreign country.


Indian nationals looking for employment at a consulate or diplomatic mission abroad.


Indian nationals who are looking for jobs with foreign governments

What Is the Process for HRD Attestation?

Below are the steps involved in the HRD attestation process:

The process for HRD attestation in India varies depending on the state in which the document is being attested. Also, the attestation involves verification by various authorities, including the educational institution, state education department, and the HRD ministry.

For the purpose of verification, the documents submitted to the HRD department are sent to the concerned college/university/institute that issued the document. After the educational institution confirms the legitimacy of the document, it sends a letter of approval to the HRD Department stating whether it approves or disapproves of the document. 


Verification by Educational Institution

The first step is to get the educational document attested by the issuing educational institution.
You have to submit the original document along with a photocopy and other required documents to the issuing educational institution for verification.
The educational institution will verify the document and put an authentication stamp and signature on the document.


State Education Department Verification

The next step is to get the document verified by the respective State Education Department.
Submit the authenticated document along with a photocopy, passport-size photo, and other required documents to the respective State Education Department for verification.
The State Education Department will verify the document and put an attestation stamp and signature on the document.


HRD Attestation

After the State Education Department verifies the document, the document is forwarded to the HRD Ministry for attestation.
Submit the verified document, along with a photocopy, passport-size photo, and other required documents, to the HRD Ministry for attestation.
The HRD Ministry will verify the document and run a few checks to see whether the certificates are original or not.
Once validated, they will put an HRD attestation stamp and signature on the document

If you are doing the attestation by yourself, you’ll have to follow all the steps mentioned above by yourself. This can be hectic and tiresome as you have to do all the steps by yourself. But, if you are looking for a stress-free way, you can choose a reputed attestation agency like ours to do your HRD attestation process. 

The Easiest Way to Do HRD Attestation

This is what the HRD attestation process looks like when you choose us. 

The most convenient and stressless way to get all your documents sealed and stamped by the HRD ministry is to do HRD attestation online — which means that you let us do the work for you! Being a reputable company for the past ___ years, We have been offering attestation and apostille services in India. 

Document Submission

You submit the required documents to us. We provide pick-up service from your doorstep, so you don’t have to leave your home. Once your documents are received, we double-check them before starting the process.

HRD Attestation

Our well-trained team initiates the HRD attestation process for you. Once the HRD Ministry verifies your documents, they put the HRD attestation seal and stamp.

Delivery of attested documents

Once HRD attests your documents, we then deliver those documents to your home. As easy as that!

How Much Time Will It Take for State HRD Attestation?

The time taken for State HRD attestation in India can vary depending on various factors such as

  • the state in which the document is being attested
  • the workload of the concerned authorities,
  • the type of document being attested. 

If you’re wondering how many days it will take for HRD attestation, a rough estimate would be between 15 to 25 days. However, it may take longer if there is a backlog of applications or if the documents require additional verification or scrutiny. 

It is always advisable to plan ahead and submit the documents well in advance to allow sufficient time for the attestation process to be completed.

Many Indian states also offer expedited attestation services for an additional fee, so make sure you check with your attestation agency. 

What Are the Documents Required for HRD Attestation?

While our team will guide you through all the documents that are required, below is a list of documents that are generally asked for HRD certificate attestation in India

  • Original educational documents (like degree certificates, diplomas, mark sheets, or transcripts) issued by a recognized educational institution in India.
  • A photocopy of the educational documents.
  • A copy of the passport or other government-issued ID.
  • 2 passport-size photographs.
  • A copy of the Offer letter in case of employment 
  • Please note that the specific requirements for HRD attestation may change depending on the state in which the document is being attested. It can also be different for a different type of document. 
  • Therefore, we advise you to check with the concerned HRD department or a reputable attestation service provider to confirm the exact requirements for the attestation process.
  • You can contact us here for any queries related to documents. 
List of Educational Certificates for HRD Attestation

Here is a complete list of educational certificates that are required for HRD degree attestation

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

This is a certificate issued to students who have completed their secondary school education in India. It’s usually referred to as 10th grade or Class.

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

This is a certificate issued to students who have completed their higher secondary education in India. It’s usually referred to as 12th grade or Class.

Degree certificate

This certificate is issued to students who have completed a degree program from a recognized university or college in India. It includes information such as the degree name, the duration of the program, and the marks obtained by the student.

Diploma certificate

This certificate is issued to students who have completed a diploma program from a recognized institution in India. It includes information such as the name of the program, the duration of the program, and the marks obtained by the student.

Mark sheet

This is a document that contains the detailed marks obtained by a student in each subject of their degree or diploma program. It is issued by the educational institution where the program was completed.


This is a consolidated document that contains the details of all the courses completed by a student during their degree or diploma program. It includes information such as the course name, the duration of the course, the marks obtained, and the credit hours earned.

On a side note, the requirement of an educational certificate may vary depending on the purpose and country of the intended use. 

What Is the Cost of State HRD Attestation?

State HRD attestation fees in India differ from state to state and are also based on the kind of document that needs to be certified. The cost of attestation may also change if the application is being processed urgently. 

There can be other fees in addition to the attestation fee, like delivery fees and GST. Additionally, some states charge extra for extra services like premium processing or SMS updates. 

It is crucial to note that the price of state HRD attestation is subject to change, thus you should confirm the most recent fees and charges for the attestation process with a reputable attestation agency.

Why Should You Choose EAS for HRD Attestation?

We are an attestation agency with government registration, and we make the attestation process simple and straightforward. The entire degree attestation process from the HRD ministry can be quite time-consuming in addition to being difficult.  We verify your educational documents with the utmost convenience, due to our years of experience and quick access to the HRD department. You may rely on us for effectiveness, prompt & dependable service, openness, and affordability.

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  • 24x7 customer care service
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Common Challenges Faced by the People During HRD Attestation

Here is a list of problems people usually face when getting their documents attested by the HRD Ministry:


  • Lack of knowledge of the requirements and attestation procedure
  • Having trouble getting the necessary paperwork from the school of higher learning
  • A high number of applications and the busy season cause a delay in the attestation.
  • Governmental modifications to the attestation rules and regulations
  • Problems with document authenticity and verification
  • Communication difficulties with the authorities because of linguistic hurdles or other problems
  • Inconvenience and time required for physical document submission
  • documents that are rejected because of mistakes or inconsistencies in the formatting or content.
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